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Welcome to the digital home of the DU global alumni community! Ours is a thriving, inclusive community, with a shared goal of working to benefit societal change and he public good around the world—for the difference we can make together—while striving to provide access and support for those just striking out on their own paths.  
We believe the experience and perspective of all Pioneers can improve the lives of fellow alumni, students, faculty, staff and Denver community members. So join us, and experience what a lifelong peer group and support system can do for you—and those who will follow in your footsteps.  

50 states where alumni live and work

145 countries that Pioneers call home

69% of DU students remain in Colorado after graduation


Ways to Connect

When you graduate with a degree from DU, you become part of a wide support network. From local Denver events to regional network events across the country, you are never far away from your fellow DU alumni. Connect with your friends, share professional contacts, volunteer and donate to an area of DU you are passionate about. There is no shortage of ways to get involved with your DU alumni and friends community. 

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resources & benefits

Resources & Benefits

When you graduate with a degree from DU, you gain access to resources that can help you build a career and support yourself, as well as those you hold dear. With discounts on insurance, an array of professional services and a special alumni travel program, your status as a DU graduate means you'll find unique opportunities that simply aren't available elsewhere. 

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Network, connect and have fun! Take advantage of amazing opportunities to connect with your fellow alumni and current DU students.  

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The Denver Difference

DU is a university like no other. Our dedication to improving lives extends beyond our campuses or city. It is our responsibility to apply our research and scale our initiatives to benefit societal change and the public good. The Denver Difference campaign is the turning point that establishes our approach as the model to match. It makes transformation possible – and raises everyone’s hopes for the future. 

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Together, we can make a difference.

DU is setting the bar with our approach to higher education, developing and preparing students to be successful in life in every way – and your support makes it possible. 

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