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Writing About Literature At The University Of Denver, 1997–2002

In the 1990s, debates over the nature of writing education at the undergraduate level erupted across North America. These discourses ultimately proved foundational to the evolution of the modern writing curriculum, generating novel approaches to the writing course. However, although theoretical conversations concerning writing education at the turn of the century abound, little research into the practical impacts of composition pedagogy during this time period exists. To understand the implications of these debates over composition theory, this research project preserved, investigated, and analyzed the University of Denver’s archival material pertaining to first-year writing courses taking place between 1997 and 2002, while examining the interplay of these diverse composition pedagogies in a classroom setting. The project worked to reconcile and recontextualize composition theory with the practices and content of writing education at the University. Ultimately, this research project produced insights into the practices and content utilized in the University of Denver’s first-year writing courses in relation to composition theory.