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Alumnus Endows Professorship in Art

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Sarah Satterwhite

Senior Editor, Strategic Content and Storytelling

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Tony Singer

“In art, there are an infinite number of answers to any one question. It’s not linear,” says Everett Anton “Tony” Singer (BA Art ‘70). Painting was his initial focus upon arriving at the University of Denver, but his interests broadened during his time here. Through classes in interior design, sculpture, painting, and more, he soon discovered an array of artistic talents that prepared him for a dynamic career.

Singer is investing in similarly broad and meaningful educational experiences for future students through a legacy gift establishing the Everett Anton Singer Endowed Professorship in Art in DU’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

“An endowed professorship provides the funding to attract extraordinarily talented faculty to DU,” says Singer. “In addition to becoming a magnet that draws students to DU, this artist-educator will have a monumental impact as they influence the next generation of painters.”

“The Everett Anton Singer Endowed Professorship will allow the School of Art and Art History to bring in a painting professor with international prominence, raising the visibility of the program and giving our student artists mentorship of the highest level,” says Annabeth Headrick, PhD, director of the School of Art and Art History. “In our painting studios, where students create art side-by-side with their professors, it’s a game-changer to think of aspiring painters sharing ideas and techniques with a professor of this stature.”

Professors help students discover a world that is far bigger than they realized when they first came to DU. In teaching young artists, professors challenge students to learn about themselves, discover new talents, and apply their creativity to unexpected facets of life. Funding for an endowed professorship, as through Singer’s gift, breathes life into that process.

“Tony’s visionary leadership in establishing this professorship will bring highly gifted artists to DU to teach our students, creating a tremendous impact for the University for many years to come,” says Val Otten, senior vice chancellor. “We celebrate the difference that his gift will make for this program, ensuring a lasting presence of talented painters who will teach our students.

After graduating from DU and attending graduate school, Singer channeled his creative passions toward his family’s printing business. Together with his half-brother, Singer transformed the mom-and-pop social printing business into one of the top three color printers in the New York metropolitan area, winning more awards on a dollar volume basis than any of their competitors.  

Key to Singer’s success was his artistic ability to envision an elevated product for his customers and help them achieve it. Because his DU education had expanded his understanding of his own artistic gift, he was able to use his skills to transform the family business.

Alongside a lifelong passion for art is Singer’s indisputable love of automobiles. In the early 1980s, Singer was one of two photographers in the world who changed the way that automobiles are photographed. Instead of the traditional front, rear, and side views, Singer’s photography showcased the car’s shapes and curves: the beauty and functionality of a Ferrari’s details that no one had captured before. His resulting book was the first to display such details using the 5-color printing process, a necessity in accurately portraying the Ferrari’s signature blood red paint.

Since the 1980s, Singer’s artistry in photography, painting, and printing has joined forces with his passion for automobiles in his company, He buys and sells vintage automotive posters worldwide, employing his artistic skill and knowledge of the field to connect people with pieces that bring them joy.

“Creativity is not one-dimensional,” says Singer. “That’s part of what I learned at DU. If you have talent and a creative eye, that will come out in many facets of your life and artistic pursuits.”

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