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Using Mathematical Modeling Of Galaxies To Disprove The Existence Of Dark Matter

The purpose of this research is exploring an alternative model to disprove the need for dark matter in current cosmological models of galaxy rotation curves. When astronomers observe galaxies, and measure their rotational velocities, a large difference is found between observations of physical light, and the mathematical predictions of how the galaxy should be behaving. To account for these differences, more matter is needed than what can be physically observed. The solution to this problem was predicting that dark matter, a type of matter that is present in galaxies, but cannot be detected, must exist. Dr. Cisneros, however, has created a different model that can account for the differences seen in observations, without adding mass to the system. Instead, a combination of galactic lensing effects as well as a difference in local dark energy bubble back ground energy constants, can be used to align the mathematical models and physical observations. The results produced from this model have been extremely promising so far, and have effectively explained the problem seen in galaxy rotational curve observations.