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How often and how well do people reappraise?: An investigation of selection and implementation of reappraisal tactics

Although the effects of emotion regulation strategies are well documented, patterns of selection and implementation of specific tactics are often overlooked. The present study evaluated differences in the frequency of use and the emotional consequences associated with different cognitive reappraisal tactics. Eighty-six participants completed a laboratory task in which they reappraised, or did not reappraise, negative images and reported on the use of tactics on a trial-by-trial basis. Preliminary results indicate differences in the frequency of tactics used when prompted (F(7)=37.02, p<.05, N=86) and used spontaneously (F(7)=44.19, p<.05, N=86). Both prompted and spontaneous reappraisal tactic implementation were associated with lower levels of negative emotion than the use of no reappraisal tactic. Knowing which reappraisal tactics are most commonly used, and their emotional consequences when used with prompting or spontaneously, may help us better understand how to improve people’s ability to use reappraisal to achieve their emotional goals.

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