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How to Increase Student Engagement at the University of Denver: A Study of How & Why Undergraduates Spend Their Time

This paper serves to analyze how and why undergraduate students at the University of Denver spend their time, how to make campus engagement more successful, and assess the impact that Generation Z will have in their communities. From my own engagement experiences, leadership opportunities, and interaction with several university departments, many concerns have been raised regarding student involvement outside of the classroom. This research will help DU leadership (and the leadership for other universities) provide on-campus opportunities for undergraduate students that enrich students’ college careers. Additionally, students who read this paper will hopefully find more value in engaging deeper with their communities to create a positive impact. From a student survey and literature analysis, successful campus engagement involves the buy-in from both students and university staff/faculty and provides long-term benefits for students and the campus community. There is a perceived disconnect between perceptions of engagement and the reality of engagement, which requires a deep consideration of how to help DU students enrich the college experience through engagement.

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