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Queer Representation In Contemporary Theatre

LGBTQ+ folx do not typically see accurate, non-stereotypical representations of themselves incontemporary media. Through adapting Connor Rodenbeck’s poetic short story “SOAK” into a devised creative production, LGBTQ+ folx will have access to media that portrays the queer experience in a truthful, authentic, and human way. Devised theatre utilizes improvisation activities within an ensemble to design a performance. For this project, the ensemble will use improv to stage the images and moments featured in “SOAK”.Through discussion, ensemble improvisation, voice and bodywork ensemble members will become embodiments of the characters they portray. This creative project aims to converse with other queer art as part of the trajectory of queer representation in contemporary media and attitudes toward LGBTQ+ people. As of April 7, “SOAK” is well into the production process with designs finalized and a cast determined; rehearsals have yet to start. The results of this creative research will be revealed in the final performances which will be available to DU members at the end of May and mid-June to the public in a streaming platform.

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