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School Counseling in Western Colorado

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Equine-Assisted Mental Heath Practitioner Certificate 2017

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Jennifer Diethrich from Western Colorado earned the Equine-Assisted Mental Health (EAMH) Practitioner Certificate in 2017. She had already been working for several years with a therapy dog and a guinea pig in school counseling and was looking for a high-quality training. “There were not many comprehensive programs available and I discovered EAMH at University of Denver”, she says. “I was excited to be a part of a comprehensive and respected program.”

Diethrich was in the process of expanding her private practice when she started the program. “The relationships I made were so valuable” she says. “The knowledge and experience each participant came with created a rich environment for learning and sharing.  I still keep in touch with many past students and am sure to reach out to them when I have questions or need some advice”.

When asked about the top parts of the program, Diethrich mentions the hands-on training and the comprehensive instruction. She says, “the program created an environment that was challenging and open for discovery, which felt supportive and encouraging.”