Elia Marie Trucks

Assistant Professor and User Experience & Student Outreach Librarian

What I do

My role at the library includes planning academic and recreational events at the library for students; marketing and communication of library services and resources; and managing the library's social media presence.

Professional Biography

Elia Trucks is the User Experience and Student Outreach Librarian at the University of Denver. She attended Florida State University for Bachelor of Arts in Art History and her Master of Library and Information Science. Her research interests include early career librarianship, feminist pedagogy in the library, and social justice.


During my first year at DU, I have been exploring different areas and topics for my research. I am currently working on a project about early career librarian, focusing on their experiences with and sentiment towards leadership and management, and I would like to help develop future librarians in these areas. Other areas of research focus on design thinking and feminist pedagogy, academic library outreach, and social media engagement.

Featured Publications

  • Introduction


  • Designing Women: Design Thinking Meets Feminist Pedagogy in the Library
  • New Kids on the Block: Early Career Librarianship, Leadership, and Management
  • New Librarians on the Block: Early Career Librarianship, Management, and Leadership