Angela C Espinosa

Adjunct Faculty

What I do

I am a VTAP teaching first and second-year language at the University of Denver.

Professional Biography

I received my BA in Spanish & Humanities from CU-Boulder and my Ph.D. in Spanish & Portuguese from UC_Irvine. Prior to coming to DU I worked and the University of Utah and the University of Northern Colorado.


  • Ph.D., Spanish, University of California, 2008
  • MA, Spanish, University of California, 2001
  • BA, Spanish, University of Colorado, 1998

Professional Affiliations

  • Modern Language Association
  • American Comparative Literature Association
  • Latin American Studies Association
  • Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association


I study representations of race, gender, and sexuality in avant-garde movements throughout Latin America during the 1920s and 30s. I am especially interested in the ongoing legacy of the avant-garde in Latin American cultural production up to the present. I am finishing the article “Displacing the Modernist Swan: Melancholy Gender in Lorca’s El paseo de Buster Keaton,” which compares representations of gender and sexuality in Lorca’s text alongside the films of Buster Keaton himself. Additionally, I have started a book project tentatively entitled Obscure Objects of Desire: The Legacy of the Avant-Garde in Hispanic Film that analyzes how historical avant-garde theory and practice (from the 1920s) re-emerges in the cinema of Buñuel and Almodóvar.

Featured Publications


  • "Arqueles Vela and Luis Buñuel: Cases of Marginalized Masculinity in the Transatlantic Avant-Gardes"
  • From Antropofagia to the Aesthetics of Garbage and Back: Patrícia Galvão’s Critique of Carnival in Parque Industrial
  • Of Ghosts and Swans: Baudelaire and Postcolonial Spectrality in Lorca’s El paseo de Buster Keaton