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As a great private university dedicated to the public good, we're emboldened by an ethos that is deeply grounded in civic participation and social innovation. DU graduates are known for their achievement and success in broad industries, but more notably, for their focus on transforming their passion, idealism and commitment into careers of purpose and meaning.

Emboldened by our long-standing mission, we work to offer our resources to build on decades of groundwork laid by community activists and organizers. Through intentional programming for students and partnerships with active community organizations, we're pioneering Denver by channeling resources toward the fight for food security, affordable housing and environmental justice.

No matter how large or small the effort, our collective voices in both big and small settings can inspire and affect change in individuals and communities around the world.

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Worker at Prodigy Coffee House

Social Justice

At the Prodigy Coffee House, young adults from underserved communities in the Denver area learn essential professional skills and develop a foundation of entrepreneurial experience that sets the stage for a fruitful and impactful career. Prodigy exemplifies the innovative community-engaged spirit of Denver's robust startup economy, led by DU alumni inspired in part by our school's commitment to spurring change through entrepreneurship.

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Housing, Food Security & Community

Building Bridges

Founded by two alumni of DU's Graduate School of Social Work, Building Bridges provides leadership training for women from Denver Public Schools, aiming to empower individuals to lift up and unify their communities by breaking down barriers to understanding and fostering a multi-perspective cultural environment in Denver.

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Globeville, Elyria-Swansea Coalition

For years, the GES Coalition advocated for affordable housing, eviction relief and community preservation. We're contributing to their efforts through partnerships that involve DU students in the Coalition's ongoing initiatives to ensure housing for all.

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Metro Caring

At a time when one in six households in Denver experiences food insecurity, our students actively work to ensure families have what they need and to change the systems that result in widespread food insecurity. Our alumni have worked with organizations like Metro Caring, a Denver-based food pantry, while our faculty pursue research into sustainable solutions for food insecurity at home and around the world.

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students at the cottonwood institute

Community Action

It's no surprise that Denver is among the nation's leaders in pushing for policy, leadership and community action that protects the natural world and ensures both a habitable future and environmental justice for those most affected by climate change. DU students power sustainability projects across the Denver area, including the Cottonwood Institute, which provides education on ecology, environmental policy and strategies for catalyzing community-wide change for Denver's youth. Aiming to equip the next generation of environmental advocates with knowledge and resources, the Cottonwood Institute tackles an array of challenges threatening the natural world.

A commitment to building a sustainable future lies at the heart of DU's dedication to the public good. Our Center for Sustainability forges connections with Denver's environmental advocates, introducing students to internships and job roles that allow them to fight for the health of the planet. We're honored to be a part of Denver's climate activism and work with the community to protect our state's vibrant natural spaces. Learn more about sustainability at DU here.