Advice for the Class of 2020

As the University of Denver’s class of 2020 prepares to graduate during COVID-19, we are asking the DU community to come together in providing support and guidance to our newest alumni.
Please take a moment to complete the form below. Submissions will be reviewed and provided to the class via email and on the DU website.
We appreciate your support!

" If you are not finding jobs... " your field of study, look at industries that are closely related that allows you to work online; reach out to friends from the past or people in your home town neighborhood community; be proactive; be vigilant." Amit Butani, Lecturer Hogeschool Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

" Be flexible “Be flexible - I graduated in 2009 and it took me a few years to land where I really wanted to be. Be willing to follow a non-linear path to get to where you want to go.” Danielle Vogl (Mossbarger), Area Director - Central TX American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Washington, DC

" Think outside the box “Think outside the box and consider looking internationally. If uncertain, think of who you most want your career to emulate, and use their steps as a guide.” Juli Johnson, Program Funding Manager Medair, Switzerland

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