AHSS Salon Series 2014-2015

The fine art of conversation with DU’s esteemed faculty from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The practice of “Salon-going” dates back to the 17th century when many of the intellectual leaders of the day congregated in private homes to discuss the latest thinking and artistic developments. These early Salons were also said to be breeding grounds for social movements and revolutions because they attracted political activists promoting social agitation and reform.

Today’s University of Denver salons are just as stimulating, albeit less explosive. About 20 people meet in a private home with an esteemed DU faculty member to learn and exchange ideas. 

Salon events are hosted at private residences. The host’s address is shared upon registration. Persons with disabilities should call 303-871-2425.

Please note that we can no longer process cash refunds for cancelations. We can offer an exchange for attendance at another salon if space is available.